Tent Selection

I am using a Eureka Zeus Exo II tent for this trip. I was intending on using a Eureka Soliaire tent that I already have but this one takes the cake. It is very light weight and has far more interior and vestible space than the Solitaire.

They also make a one person model of the Zeus but I was willing to spend a little more and carry a little more weight for the signifcant increase in space.

All together the tent, poles, and stakes weigh 3 lbs. 10 oz.

The Zeus is exceptionally simple to set up as compared to other Eureka tents or tents from any other manufacturer. What makes it so fast to set up?

  • Single wall construction - no need for a separate rain fly
  • Only two poles and they are both the same. Each end of the pole is exactly the same too.
  • Easy to use carabiners suspend the tent from the frame.

Read more about the Exo design here.

The poles are in the large bag, the stakes are in the small bag, and the tent is in the black bag. I use a Granite Gear compression stuff sack (size small) to compress the tent body into an unbelievably small space.

Here is an image from the Eureka web site showing the profile of the tent.

This is a shot looking into the vestibule and the tent

Post-Ride performance review

The Zeus EXO tent is a compromise of features. It is extremely lightweight and quick & easy to set up. Both poles are the same and the body of the tent clips to the poles quickly. I can get mine set up while other people are still figuring out which pole goes where.

There isn't much online because it's a new tent model and a fairly new concept. I have been very pleased with its performance. It doesn't provide terribly good ventilation since most of the tent wall is solid and has a coating on the inside. Condensation does build up pretty easily on the inside. Most of my trip has been in the arid western states so it hasn't been much of a problem. It only rained on me two of the nights and it didn't leak. I would use it again on another tour for sure.

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