Sponsor part of the ride

I am accepting donations to help underwrite the cost of the Discovery Ride.

Expenses: Approximate cost; listed by priority.

  • TransAmerica trail map set ($78) *Thank you Adventure Cycling Association
  • Tires, Tubes, parts ($120) *Thank you Power On Cycling for the price break
  • Garmin eTrex Vista GPS ($300)
  • GPS RAM mount ($30)
  • DeLorme Topo! USA ($100)
  • MacGPS Pro ($29.95) *Thank you Larry at MacGPS Pro for the price break
  • MSR SuperFly stove ($55) *Thank you EMS for the price break
  • MSR BlackLight pot ($40) *Thank you EMS for the price break
  • Tent ($130)
  • Clothing
    • Gore-Tex jacket & pants ($170) *Thank you EMS for the price break
    • Helmet ($40)
  • Digital Video Camera ($700)
  • Sleeping pad ($45)
  • Water storage ($20)
  • 35mm film & developing ($100)
  • Food ($10 per day)
  • Lodging and Camping fees ($15 per night) *Thank you Wade Seibert

    Additional sponsors

    • John & Mary Ellen Brough
    • Marjorie Hopkins
    • Jane & Scott Johnson
    • Carol Latronica
    • Lock Haven University
    • Lock Haven University Foundation
    • Dave & Jo-An Martin
    • Kelly Mathews
    • Julian Osborne
    • Frank Ross
    • Darren Schilberg
    • Mr. Jerry Updegraff
    • Madelyn Wagner
    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

    Make a donation online - Click on the link below:

    Make a donation by mail - Send your check or money order along with your name and address to:

    c/o Lawrence J. Flint
    812 E. Water St. #38
    Lock Haven, PA 17745

    You will receive recognition on this web site and I will promote your organization's interests along my trip. The trailer will have advertising space on the side where we will affix your logo. (click here) I will also accept speaking engagement invitations for dates after September 1, 2002 and would be happy to speak and give a video presentation at any school, civic group meeting, public gathering, or other organization regardless of gift level.

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