I carried a 500mhz iBook computer to update this site. It also aided me with navigation, collecting and analyzing elevation data from the GPS, and uploading the travel log and pictures.

Internet connection was established using its built in 56K modem and a land line.

I carried a power supply and phone cord. Find out what software I used here.


The GPS I used is a Garmin eTrex Vista model. It has an integrated altimeter, barometer, and compass. The GPS is mounted to the handlebar with a RAM mount.

There are a few purposes for this device. It serves as a navigation aid and replaces all the functions of a traditional cycle computer. Second, this model keeps track of altitude trends. Each day the elevation profile for that segment was downloaded into the computer along with other information such as elapsed distance and time. From this data I am charting an elevation profile for the entire Transamerica route. The data will also be analyzed to see the effect that terrain have on average speed.

Additional equipment:

  • RAM GPS mount, C-battery power supply, Solar power supply
Still Camera

Digital Video Camera

A Canon ZR-50MC MiniDV camera was used to take raw video footage to be used in my ride documentary video. It uses MiniDV cassettes and a multimedia card for still photos.

I will carried 32MB and 8MB MMC cards for a total still picture capacity of about 150 pictures as well as four MiniDV tapes at a time. I also have to carried the charger, a FireWire cable, and a USB cable.

Taking video while riding is accomplished by mounting the camera to the handlebar with a RAM mount. A wide angle lens attachment

Read more on my Video & VR page.

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