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My name is Larry Flint and I am a high school physics and chemistry teacher at Williamsport Area High School in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and am a 1998 B.S. and 2001 M.Ed. graduate of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

I have a great deal of experience with many forms of outdoor travel including backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and motorboating. Even though I have been a bicyclist for the better part of my life, I never really went anywhere significant on a bike until this trip. The lure of bicycle touring has always been present in my life - it's just that I have never had the time nor the resources to complete a lengthy tour until the Discovery Ride.

I bought a Rans Rocket recumbent in February 2001 with the intent that I would do some significant touring with it. It took some time getting comfortable riding a recumbent. The typical upright bicycle allows the rider to use quite a bit of "body English" to keep it upright while a recumbent is a little less forgiving. I took a few short trips fully laden in order to feel prepared to take longer ones. My backpacking experience is a significant aid in preparing me for lightweight travel.

My main passion in life is scientific discovery and sharing what I have learned with others, particularly my students. This journey was one of personal and scientific inquiry.

Designing web sites is one of my more recent endeavors. I have tried my hand at a personal web site, a site devoted to my teaching, a site for my business, and one for an alumni organization I'm involved with. My most recent effort is this site, Discovery Ride.

I invite you to learn more about me at the Virtual Flint site.

Here is a picture of me with most of my family. [Ian, Tom, Joan, Me - my sister, Glennis, is not pictured.]

A picture of me near Whistler, British Columbia

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