Lock Haven University Eagle Eye article from 4/26/2002 paper

A bicycle ride for discovery
Jessica Savrock - Features Editor

Traveling across the country can be an exciting journey for anyone. Many f the sights you will encounter can be breathtaking. The people you meet and the places you see will created memories that will last a lifetime. Now imagin that yoou're doing all this while riding your bicycle.

This summer, LHU graduate Larry Flint will set off on a 4150 mile bike ride from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon, in an effort to raise $10,000 to put toward scholarship funds for LHU science and science education students.

A 1998 B.S. and 2001 M.Ed. graduate of LHU, Flint currently teaches chemistry and physics at Williamsport Area High School. He is planning to begin his trip on June 9, and expects that it will last around 70 days. To make it in that time he will have to average 60 miles a day.

When most people hear of his upcoming trip, they ask the question, "Why?" Some people have told him that his goal sounsd "almost as unusual and useless as copying the Encyclopedia Brittanica by hand."

"The lure of bicycle touring has always been present in my life," said Flint. "It's just that I have never had the time nor resources to complete a lengthy tour until now."

Students in science programs at LHU will greatly benefit from Flint's adventure. According to Erik Evans, Director of Alumni and Development at LHU, donors have already pledged $2,500 towards the $10,000 goal. This number is expected to grow quickly, as solicitation for donors has only begun.

"I received a number of foundation scholarships while a student at LHU, and feel the desire and obligation to give back to my alma mater," said Flint. "This is a unique way to ask members of the university community and alumni to give scholarship gifts."

Once the pledges reach the endowment status of $10,000, it will be placed into an account, and the interest of five percent that it gains will be given each year to one student in the science or science eduation department. As the fund grows, the amount of the scholarship will increase.

Along with his goal of raising money for LHU, he has some personal goals for completing this tour as well. An avid fan of adventure traveling, he has never set out on a trip quite like this one.

"My main passion in life is scientific discovery and sharing what I have learned with others, particularly my students," said Flint.

Flint plans to follow the TransAmerica Trail during his trip, a popular route that passes through ten states. He expects to see many other cyclists along the way, and camp out in some populated campsites along the trail.

"Part of the trip is to meet people and learn their experiences," said Flint.

The bike he will be riding, a 1998 RANS Rocket recumbent bike, basically resembles a chair on wheels. During practice rides to State College, he has been able to maintain an average speed of 15 miles per hour. He will tow a trailer which will carry all of his supplies, including food, a tent, and tools and spare parts.

In addition, he will take along a laptop computer which he will use to update his website in the form of a travel log on a regular basis. each daily segment will include information such as miles traveled, average and top speeds, and ride time. This data will be used for later scientific analysis. He plans to include descriptions of the things he sees along the way.

He is also planning to take both a still camera and a digital video camera, so he can post pictures and videos on the Internet as well.

To check in on Flint's ride during the summer, you can visit his virtual travel log at www.discoveryride.com/log/index.html.

Flint has been attempting to get the word out to the public about his trip. He's in the process of sending out letters to his graduating class, and also to all science department alumni. An article will also be published in the next issue of the Perspective Magazine, a publication directed toward LHU alumni.

He will be honored with a sendoff at a pig roast at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 8, as part of LHU Alumni Weekend.

For more information on Flint's trip, or to pledge money to benefit LHU science scholarships, visit his web site at www.DiscoveryRide.com.