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I had the pleasure of riding with a number of other TransAm adventurers this summer. In total I met up with 99 other TransAm riders, most of which were eastbound. Here is a profile of some of the westbound riders I rode with in chronological order of our meeting.

Joe Deely

  • Rode with him for 36 days from Cassoday, KS (Day 26) to Florence, OR (Day 63)
  • High school English teacher from Harrisonburg, VA
  • Fischer mountain bike with touring tires - BOB trailer
  • e-mail

Geert Schulte

  • Rode with him for days from Cassoday, KS (Day 26) to Pueblo, CO (Day 33)
  • Retired telecommunications executive from the Netherlands
  • Touring bike (European) with panniers

Corrin Warkentin

  • I met Corrin and Travis in Kremmling, Colorado on Day 36 where they were taking a zero day to visit with some friends. I saw them again on Day 38 in Rawlins, Wyoming where the four of us shared a hotel room. We met up for a third time in Missoula, Montana on Day 48. Corrin and Travis were part of a group known as the "Homies" that were once as many as six riders. We met another "homie," Sarah Smith, in Canon City, Colorado on Day 33. They were called that because they all picked up little plastic figurines called "homies" at a convenience store early in the trip.
  • Corrin originally met up with Joe at the Cooky Lady's bike hostel in Afton, Virginia during the first week of their rides.
  • I never got to actually ride with Corrin since he was departing the TransAm in Missoula to head on a more direct route to Seattle for his flight home.
  • Touring bike with panniers.
  • e-mail

Travis Krueger

  • Rode with Travis from Missoula, Montana (Day 48) to Lowell, Idaho (Day 50). He rode ahead to Kooskia that day since he had a tighter schedule and had to push onward.
  • His online travelogue
  • College student from South Dakota
  • Touring bike with panniers

Randy Fay

  • Rode with him from about 20 miles east of Jeffrey City, Wyoming to Jeffrey City, Wyoming (Day 39) then from Lander, Wyoming (Day 40) to Grand Teton National Park at the turnoff to Jackson Hole (Day 42). He wanted to explore Jackson while we continued north.
  • He had been traveling with Chris Ruckstuhl since they met in Colorado.
  • From Denver, Colorado
  • Mountain bike with BOB trailer
  • Randy's Log
  • web site | e-mail

Christian Ruckstuhl

  • Rode with him from about 20 miles east of Jeffrey City, Wyoming to Jeffrey City, Wyoming (Day 39) then from Lander, Wyoming (Day 40) to Yellowstone National Park (Day 44).
  • He left the TransAm to explore the northern end of Yellowstone then continue to Glacier National Park where he caught up with Randy again. Continued north to Calgary, Alberta.
  • College student from Switzerland.
  • Solid touring bike with panniers
  • e-mail

Other people I met

Mike Cullerton

  • Mike is a friend of Joe's from college. He drove from his home to meet us in Walden, Colorado on day 36
  • The three of us rode to the Colorado/Wyoming border on day 37 where he departed our company and returned home.

Katie Simons

  • Joe and I met her at the Wyoming/Montana border on day 44
  • She is an eastbound rider from New York City
  • Touring bike with panniers
  • e-mail

Sarah Smith

  • Joe and I met her at the Bike Depot bike shop in Canon City, Colorado on Day 33
  • She is a westbound rider who had traveled with Corrin and Travis earlier in the trip.
  • Touring bike with panniers
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